• Deepening the Brand-Consumer Relationship

  • CYDigital's SaaS application delivers consumer-controlled, privacy-first clickstream data to the B2C marketer via their MarTech stack,

    and we are the only solution to provide this capability.

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    Business Summary

    • The >$14B market for consumer data is rapidly transitioning from third-party cookie data to zero-party data.
    • CYDigital's SaaS application is the only solution delivering consumer-controlled, privacy-first clickstream zero-party data to B2C marketers.
    • We provide behavioral zero-party data which is superior to that of declarative zero-party data vendors. 
    • Because of this differentiation, we will deliver significant returns for our investors.
    • Anticipating an exit within 4-5 years offering our investors a 45x return in year 4, close to 100x in year 5.
  • Collect Behavioral Data.

    Consumer controlled.

    Interact and respond within the App.

  • Everything a marketer needs to

    gather insight

    react to the insight

    → and reward for the insight...

    in one application

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    How It Works

    CYDigital's SaaS solution collects consumer clickstreams, which consists of the data from website visits, search results, eCommerce, media consumed, etc., and is the ideal replacement for third-party data while giving the consumer complete control over their data.

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    Market Potential

    The market offers an explosive growth opportunity for our investors, and we anticipate a close to a 100x return in Year 5 from robust offerings that are must-haves for prospective clients, managed by a strong team of experienced professionals.

  • CYDigital's Team

    A very strong, very experienced management team with a track record of bringing startups to market

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  • Proof Points

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    Partnering with a Leader

    • We are an Adobe Partner. 
    • Our API permits us to integrate with other CRM, marketing automation platforms, customer data platforms, and loyalty programs (home-grown or 3rd party).
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    Significant Validation

    • Recently concluded pilot program with respondi, Europe’s largest consumer research panel company.
    • respondi: "The outcome of the pilot showed that CYDigital's product could prove to be an important tool in enforcing our market position as an innovative panel research agency leveraging new technology."